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Hernia Surgery

A kind of Doctor who can generally performs this procedure:
General Surgeon

Surgery has generally been recommended for all inguinal hernias to avoid complications such as strangulation, in which a loop of intestine becomes tightly trapped in a hernia, cutting off the blood supply to that part of the intestine. But surgery may not be needed if the hernia is small and you do not have symptoms. Consult with your doctor to decide if you need hernia repair surgery.

If a hernia in an adult can be pushed back (reduced), surgery can be done at the person's convenience. If it cannot be pushed back, surgery must be done sooner.

Laparoscopic hernia surgery may have some advantages over open surgery incertain situations. Studies show that people have less pain after this type of surgery and return to work and other activities more quickly than after open repair. But laparoscopic surgery is more expensive than open repair. And laparoscopic surgery has a higher risk for serious complications.

The risk of a hernia coming back after surgery varies depending on a surgeon's experience, the type of hernia, if mesh is used, and the person's age and overall health.

Source: http://www.webmd.com/digestive-disorders/tc/inguinal-hernia-surgery

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